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Readers Respond: Best Remedies for Itchy Mosquito Bites

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From the article: Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Most people experience a skin reaction when bitten by a mosquito. For some, the persistent itchiness of a mosquito bite can be maddening. Scratching an insect bite can create an opening for infection, so you really need an effective remedy to stop the itch.

Do you have a surefire remedy or product you use to stop the mosquito bite itch? Share your tips for soothing mosquito bites with us.

Share Your Bite Remedies


I know this sounds weird, but spit or lick your bite. There is something about your spit that calms it down. Just try it.
—Guest ......

Tea Tree Oil

My last 5 bites were driving me crazy with itching. Everything I tried didn't work, until I decided to try Tea Tree Oil lotion-that did the trick for me.
—Guest Messi

DON'T make an X or use DEET

Puncturing the bite leaves it open to infection, which is worse than the bite (trust me). DEET should never be used on sensitive or broken areas as it's far too nasty. I find any bite cream (such as Anthisan) works fine.
—Guest Bethany


My mother always told me to rub a clove of garlic on the area as soon as you notice it, and it's always worked for me!
—Guest Katherine

Rubbing alcohol

I am allergic to mosquitos. After thousand of ointments, I found out that rubbing alcohol works.It may sting for a sec but it really works.
—Guest Colten


I put a small dab of vanilla on the bite and let it dry. Reapply as needed. :)
—Guest Brooke

Aloe vera

Apparently every time I've been taking out the trash I get bit by mosquitoes and horseflies. I tried Calamine lotion, hydrocortisone, rubbing alcohol - none of it worked until today I read on here to try aloe vera. I always keep it on hand so I used it and surprisingly it did they trick. Should've listen to my husband when he tried to put it on for me :p So yes aloe Vera cooling gel is the best and effective.
—Guest Tanya

Table Salt

Rub salt on the bite to ease the itch & it also feels good, too.
—Guest Me

Clear nail polis

So you know, the clear nail polish you put on after you paint your nails to make it dry faster? Well I put that on my mosquito bites, it really works
—Guest Emma


All I ever have to do is apply some lemon on my bite and it does the trick. Rub gently on the bite and you won't get itchy for a while.
—Guest Karen

Freeze Gel

Due to the expansion of the blood vessels, the surrounding nerves become irritated thus the itchy sensation. Freeze gel will essentially give the opposite - no sensation of itchy. Its the same idea as ice, but it lasts longer.
—Guest Violinist


It's not just for your underarms! My grandma always put this on my mosquito bites and the itching stopped! Try it.
—Guest Lexy

Tea tree oil

Take a Q-tip or something and rub it on it helps with itching and healing.
—Guest geustkia

Nail polish

Mosquitos LOVE me and I tried all of the remedies none of them worked then I tried clear nail polish it helped and the my mosquito bite was gone the next day!
—Guest Teg


Applying heat to the weal stops the itchiness permanently. This is the only effective cure i have discovered.
—Guest Joy

Share Your Bite Remedies

Best Remedies for Itchy Mosquito Bites

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