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Readers Respond: Best Remedies for Itchy Mosquito Bites

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From the article: Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Most people experience a skin reaction when bitten by a mosquito. For some, the persistent itchiness of a mosquito bite can be maddening. Scratching an insect bite can create an opening for infection, so you really need an effective remedy to stop the itch.

Do you have a surefire remedy or product you use to stop the mosquito bite itch? Share your tips for soothing mosquito bites with us.

The power of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is good for cuts, bruises, insect bites, stings etc. Mosquito got you? Rub a drop of Tea Tree Oil on the area and your itching will stop instantly.
—Guest Heidi Hisle


I used to go to the Quebec to hang out with my cousins and get bitten, so we would slip into a cold pool and the itch would disappear like the ice treatment but funner.
—Guest Summer

Ice Cubes

I have found that putting an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel or two on my bug bites has worked as well.
—Guest HI

Mosquito bite remedy

Absorbine Jr. in the bottle w/the sponge applicator - works every time!
—Guest Mary Ann Aalto

After bite

It may sting for a while, but having an itch from a mosquito bite or other flying bugs can really be "itchy". I suggest NEVER using peroxide for anything because it can eat at your good skin, if you need something for you're bite I suggest rubbing alcohol, after bite, clear nail polish, lemon juice (or other citric fruit juices, garlic, something warm, but do not make an X with your nail because if they're dirty try can infect the bite and if you open the bite infection can occur from an open wound. Thank you for considering these options and reading this helpful article! From unknown!
—Guest ??????????


Rub some orajel, the cream one, on a bite, will take the itch away all day or until it gets wet.
—Guest Laura

Preparation H

Preparation H--Don't laugh...it really takes the itch out!!
—Guest Helen

Your own spit!

I always use my own spit on my bites - stings for about a minute, but nearly always takes the itch away. Failing that, salting a bite also stings but does remove the itch!
—Guest Gross

Listerine/mouth wash

Rub your mouth wash or Listerine on the bite if the scab is of it might sting a little but wont hurt. Then you feel a cool sensation. the itch will go away. it really works
—Guest Kayla


Cetaphil skin cleanser (for all skin types) seems to take care of insect bites and pimples on my skin :) stops the itch and stops the infection
—Guest Guest

Mosquitoes cure-all

Tea tree oil, especially from melaleuca not only repels mosquitoes and all other insects but stops the itch if you do get bitten. I used to be one of the magnets. Now after putting it on I watch them fly away as soon as they get within a foot of me and never return.
—Guest Rochelle Marie

Vicks VapoRub

Once had a terrible case of about 40 to 50 mosquito bites, was 9 or 10 yrs old. Out of desperation I search the medicine cabinet, came across Vicks VapoRub & still use it at almost 50 yrs young. Takes away the itch in seconds and it never comes back. For areas easy to wipe off I put a bandaid over it. My children & grandchildren use it. Works like a charm! P.S. Offbrand works just as great!!!!!!
—Guest Ruthie

Alcohol, X, Olay

This may seem weird but it really works. First I put alcohol on and let it dry up. Then i scratch it again and put an "x" on the bite. After the x I put Olay lotion on it and it does help the itching go away.
—Guest Miranda

Hot Water Best Remedy

Tried bleach for bite did nothing, Mustard helped for a little while, but the Hot Water method seems to have done the trick. Thank you so much Giovanna Granny
—Guest Janet

Vapor Rub and Ice

Rub a little vapor rub on your bites and it will stop the itch. Also like any swelling put some ice on it, the swelling will go down and so does the itching.
—Guest Natty
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