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Readers Respond: Readers' Picks for the Best Insect Fear Films of All Time

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From the article: 5 Best Bug Horror Films

Hollywood has produced over 75 horror films featuring deadly insects or spiders intent on destroying mankind. From the classic 1954 thriller Them! to the frightening 2005 release, Swarmed, there's an insect fear film for everyone.

My top 5 bug horror films include the very best movies in the genre, in my opinion. What do you think? Did I nail it, or did I miss a film that you love? Share your favorite bug horror film, and tell me why I did you wrong by omitting it from my list.


I think "Mimic" should be on the top 5 list. The image of a trenchcoat in the shadows of the subway has stayed with me forever. Totally agree on your top two! Goldblum did a great performance under low-budget bugness. And Them is nuclear morality tale, entomology primer, and LA River monster flick all in one. I'm building a bug-monster list; thanks for the tips!
—Guest SixLegsNews
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