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Missouri Bugs

Submit an Entry: Tell Us About Your Bug Blog

By Mobugs41

Missouri Bugs

MObugs---A blog about Missouri's Majority

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Kinds of Bugs Your Write About in Your Blog

Any and all types of insects and spiders are covered on my blog. I introduce people to the arthropods that call Missouri home.

Region You Cover (i.e. North America, Florida)

Missouri, USA

Why did you start your bug blog?

I've been in love with bugs since girlhood. About 7 years ago I began taking this interest more seriously and began doing research on the insects i found on our farm. Being a volunteer with the Missouri Department of Conservation put me in contact with children of all ages and many of them had a keen interest in insects. I took the lead and developed many programs and special events educating the public about these misunderstood creatures. A year ago I came across the blog of another fellow Missourian and thought "I can do this, I'm going to create a blog about Missouri Insects"; consequently MObugs was born.

What do you cover in your blog?

I introduce to my readers whatever arthropod makes it into the lens of my camera. This can be anything from beetles, butterflies, millipedes to spiders. If my adventures take me to another state I share the insect life found there with my readers as well.


  • If you have a passion for insect life, creating a blog gives you an outlet for that passion. Using a blog as a medium to educate the public about the things you love is a very rewarding endeavor. I say go for it, use lots of pictures to capture their interest, and tell the experience behind the photo, or use the photo as an opportunity to introduce your readers to something they might otherwise find repulsive. This is our chance to show people that insects aren't all bad.
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