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The Field of Entomology

Entomology, the study of insects, began informally as agricultural societies formed and emerged into a scientific field in the 1500's. Here, you will find articles on the field of entomology, including its history, current issues, and information on pursuing an entomology career.

Women in History Who Contributed to the Field of Entomology
A handful of women, each with a passion for insects, made significant contributions to the field of entomology throughout history. Women entomologists discovered new species, traveled the world to collect insects, published scientific papers in entomology journals, and even worked with Charles Darwin.

Henry Bates and His Theory on Mimicry in Insects
Henry Bates first proposed his theory on mimicry in 1861, building on Charles Darwin's views on evolution. Bates, a naturalist, collected butterflies in the Amazon and observed their behavior. As he organized his collection of tropical butterflies, he noticed a pattern.

Climate Change and Caterpillars in Ecuador
Peggy Rush, a kindergarten teacher from NJ, spent part of her summer collecting caterpillars in the cloud forests of Ecuador. As a volunteer with the Earthwatch Institute, Peggy learned what it's like to work as a field entomologist.

Climate Change and Caterpillars in New Orleans
The Earthwatch Institute offers opportunities to volunteer on hundreds of scientific expeditions around the world, including entomology research. Two recent volunteers in entomology found out what it's like to collect and raise caterpillars around the swamps of Louisiana.

Undergraduate Entomology Programs
Thinking about studying bugs for a living? The Entomological Society of America provides this listing of undergraduate entomology programs, with descriptions of each school's program.

U.S. Navy Entomology History
The science of medical entomology was born in 1878; when it was shown that insects (mosquitoes) played a role in the transmission of disease (filariasis). Military entomology originated in 1900 from Major Walter Reed's work on the transmission of Yellow Fever by the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

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