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Teaching About Insects

If you're a teacher, this is the topic for you. You can find lesson plans, activities, and information on keeping live insects in the classroom.
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15 Misconceptions Kids Have About Insects
Children develop their early understanding of insects from books, movies, and the adults in their lives. Unfortunately, insects in works of fiction aren't always portrayed with scientific accuracy, and adults may pass down their own misconceptions about insects. This article outlines fifteen of the most common misconceptions kids have about...

The Bugscope Project - a Scanning Electron Microscope for Your Classroom
The Bugscope Project gives K-12 teachers free access to a $600,000 scanning electron microscope, via the Internet. Students collect bugs, send them to the lab, and then control the microscope online. An excellent, hands-on project that links science and technology.

7 Fascinating Facts About Painted Lady Butterflies
Are you raising painted lady butterflies in your elementary school classroom? Do these familiar butterflies visit your yard? Here are 7 fascinating facts about painted ladies.

Creepy Crawlies Printables
Download free Creepy Crawlies printables from About's Guide to Homeschooling, Beverly Hernandez.

Short Insect Quiz
A ten question quiz you can take online - see how much you already know about insects!

List of the 50 U.S. State Insects
Which of the 50 states have designated official state insects to represent them? Many states established state insects at the request of children, who learned to lobby their representatives and get a law passed while honoring their favorite insect. Learn the state insects and how they were chosen.

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