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Springtails (Order Collembola)

The order Collembola includes an estimated 2,000 species worldwide. The springtails propel themselves into the air by flicking their furcula, an appendage kept tucked beneath the abdomen until they need to make a quick escape from danger. These articles describe the characteristics and behaviors of the order Collembola, and profiles of the springtail families.

Characteristics: Order Collembola
This article describes the characteristics of the order Collembola, the springtails.

Checklist of the Collembola of the World
This taxonomic checklist includes all Collembola species of the world. It is probably the most detailed and complete Internet resource on springtails.

Fast facts about Collembola (springtails), a nice diagram showing the key anatomical features, and a brief description of the Collembola order.

Springtails - University of Kentucky Entomology Dept.
A brief fact sheet on springtails that includes information on how to control them. The fact sheet is also available for download.

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