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Significant Arthropod Finds of the Greater Mekong


Some of the richest habitats on Earth can be found in the Greater Mekong, a region comprising Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan Province of the People's Republic of China. From 1997-2007, scientists described at least 1,068 new species in this region.

Among invertebrates alone, thousands of new specimens were discovered. Cataloging them may prove an impossible task. The finds range from the microscopic to the terrifying. In this image gallery, I've included five of the most amazing invertebrate finds.

The World Wildlife Fund lists a staggering 200 ecoregions, critical landscapes of international biological importance, in the Greater Mekong. Many vital habitats face growing pressures as a consequence of unsustainable development. To learn more about the Greater Mekong Programme, visit their website.

Source: First Contact in the Greater Mekong, WWF. Some text in this article is from the WWF report, written by Christian Thompson.

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Heteropoda maxima is the largest huntsman spider in the world, with a legspan of 12 inches.Huntsman SpiderHeteropoda dagmarae is an aggressive, nocturnal spider.An Aggressive ArachnidSpider from the ForestStorenomorpha anne lives in Lao, PDR.Another Spider from Lao PDR
One of the most unusual new species from the Mekong is the "dragon millipede", Desmoxytes purpurose.Dragon Millipede
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