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Online Keys for Identifying Insects

Need to identify an insect? Try one of these online identification keys. Use your observations of the insect to answer questions or match characteristics until you have determined the correct insect order or family.

Discover Life - Insect Orders Identification Guide & Checklist
A free online tool to help you determine the insect order for an unidentified insect. This tool is an interactive checklist that allows you to check off the characteristics you know, and skip those you do not know.

Easy Key to Insect Orders
This dichotomous key offers nice illustrations to guide you through the identification process. It does not cover all the insect orders, but does help you compare insects in the major orders.

Key To Major Insect Orders and Classes
A dichotomous key for identifying the more common insect orders. This key covers insects with well-developed wings, and will only help you identify an adult insect.

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