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Non-Insect Arthropods

Some arthropods, though not insects at all, are commonly grouped with true insects. We'll explore spiders, ticks, scorpions and other insect cousins in this topic.
  1. Centipedes & Millipedes (5)
  2. Harvestmen (1)
  3. Isopods (2)
  4. Ticks & Mites (13)

What Are Arachnids?
The class Arachnida includes a diverse group of arthropods: spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites, harvestmen, and their cousins. All members of this group share certain common characteristics. Arachnids provide an important service, keeping insect populations under control.

Is a Daddy Longlegs Venomous, and Can It Bite Humans?
Myth or fact? A daddy longlegs has deadly venom, but cannot bite humans because its fangs are too short to penetrate the skin. Here's your answer.

I've Heard A Daddy Longlegs Is Not A Spider. If It's Not A Spider, What Is It?
People often mistake the daddy longlegs, also called the harvestman, for a spider. Though they are both arachnids, the daddy longlegs is quite different from a spider in several ways.

University of Kentucky Critter Files
Simple tips for telling the difference between spiders, centipedes, millipedes, sowbugs, and other non-insect arthropods.

A Quick Guide to Arthropod Classes
From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an easy dichotomous key to the classes of arthropods. Use this guide to find out if your critter is a crustacean, an arachnid, or even an insect.

What Are Camel Spiders?
Camel spiders inhabit deserts and other arid environments, including areas of the Middle East where U.S. soldiers are stationed. What are camel spiders, exactly, and can they do harm to people?

Scorpions, Order Scorpiones
Most people believe scorpions (Order Scorpiones) are desert creatures with dangerous venom, but this is only partially true. Scorpions live in all kinds of habitats, and very few of them can hurt you. Learn the habits and traits of scorpions.

If not for their tiny size, pseudoscorpions might be rather intimidating. These tiny arachnids get their name from their resemblance to true scorpions.

Ticks, Suborder Ixodida
Learn the habits and traits of the suborder Ixodida, the ticks.

Windscorpions – Habits and Traits of Windscorpions, Order Solifugae
Windscorpions – Habits and Traits of Windscorpions, Order Solifugae

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