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Mating and Reproduction

Insects and spiders must find a suitable mate of their own species, and then lay their eggs in a location that gives the offspring some chance of survival. Here's where to read about insect mating and reproduction.

How Insects Mate
Insect sex is, for the most part, similar to other animal sex. For most insects, mating requires direct contact between a male and a female. But for those of you who really want to know more about insect sex, here's a bit more information about how insects mate.

Honey Bee Mating
Honey bee mating involves one of the most dramatic examples of sexual suicide in the insect world.

Praying Mantis Sex and Cannibalism
The female praying mantis is often painted as an evil seductress, a cannibalistic lover who lures males closer only to eat them after mating. Is her reputation deserved? Does praying mantis sex always end in cannibalism of the male?

The Giant Jewel Beetle That Mates With Beer Bottles

Insect Mating - How Insects Attract a Mate
Lone insects must find a mate of the same species and opposite sex in order to reproduce. Most insects employ one or more of three signal types to attract a mate: auditory, visual, or chemical.

Insect Mating – Courtship Rituals in Insect Mating
Female insects have a lot of possible choices when it comes to mates. To stand out among the competition, males will use all kinds of courtship rituals, from gift giving to aphrodisiacs.

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