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Learning About Insects

There's nothing better than hands-on experience to learn something new, and the field of entomology is no exception. These articles offer descriptions of good tools and field guides to use for closer study of live insects.
  1. Bug Books for Gardeners (3)
  2. Children's Books (1)
  3. Entomology Tools (6)
  4. Keeping Live Insects (10)
  5. Pest Control Books (1)

500 Insects - A Visual Reference
With his book 500 Insects: A Visual Reference, entomologist Stephen A. Marshall offers insect enthusiasts a glimpse of the remarkable diversity in the insect world. It's like going on a bug safari from the comfort of your couch!

Make an Insect Watering Hole
Some insects, like bees and butterflies, will visit a backyard watering dish to drink. This simple insect watering hole requires only a few materials, and makes a great summer project for young children.

How to Net Insects
A few tips on using aerial or sweep nets to collect insects safely.

Online Courses in Entomology
Thinking about pursuing a degree in entomology, or want to take an insect class? Here's a list of online courses and degree programs to consider.

Collecting and Preserving Insects and Mites: Tools & Techniques
This manual from the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA, provides a summary of the methods and techniques used by professionals and amateurs alike to collect and preserve specimens for study.

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