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Mexican Redknee Tarantula

Brachypelma smithi


Mexican Redknee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi)

Mexican Redknee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi)

Wikimedia Commons: Viki (CC-by-SA license)

Other Common Name(s): Mexican orange knee tarantula

Habitat: terrestrial

Native Origin: Mexico

Adult Size: leg span of 5-5.5 inches

Temperature and Humidity Requirements: 75-90°F with a humidity of 75-80%

Cost: expensive

Feeding Suggestions: crickets, mealworms, roaches, grasshoppers, small lizards, and pinky mice

More About Mexican Redknee Tarantulas as Pets: Mexican redknee tarantulas, with their brilliant markings and large size, are a popular choice with pet owners and Hollywood directors. Redknees starred in the frighteningly silly 1970's horror flick, Kingdom of the Spiders. Females have an exceptionally long lifespan of over 30 years, so adopting a Mexican redknee should be considered a long-term commitment.

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