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Insects 101


Insects grow, changes, eat, mate, and defend themselves in interesting ways. Start here to learn the basics of insects, spiders, and other arthropods.
  1. Insect Bodies
  2. Mating & Reproduction
  3. Growth & Metamorphosis
  1. Bug Behavior
  2. Bug Communication
  3. Insect World Records

Insect Bodies

Most people know that insects have three body regions, but what's inside? Learn more about the insect body and how it works.

Mating & Reproduction

Once an insect reaches adulthood, its main purpose is to produce the next generation of its species.

Growth & Metamorphosis

Insects grow and change in dramatic ways. Many insects look entirely different in each stage of their life cycles.

Bug Behavior

Butterflies drink from the edges of mud puddles to get salts and nutrients.

Insect behavior teaches us how bugs adapt and evolve in a changing environment.

Bug Communication

Like most animals, insects need to communicate with each other to survive. Insects "talk" using pheromones, light signals, songs, and dances.

Insect World Records

Which bugs are the biggest, the loudest, or the most deadly? These insects would make Guinness proud.

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