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12 Worst Vegetable Garden Pests

How to Take Back Your Garden Without Using Chemicals


There's nothing more discouraging to a gardener than having a whole crop of your favorite vegetable wiped out by pests. Worse still, once those hungry insects have found your garden, they're likely to come back year after year. But don't give up hope. All is not lost. You can take your garden back from insect pests, and you don't even need to resort to using chemical pesticides.

These 12 garden pests cause the most damage (and the most grief) in home vegetable gardens. Conquer this "dirty dozen," and you'll have a more abundant harvest year after year. Learn to recognize each pest, as well as the signs and symptoms of an infestation. Then take action by following the control measures outlined for that insect.

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Colorado potato beetleColorado Potato BeetleCabbage looperCabbage LooperBronzed cutworm.Bronzed Cutworm and Other CutwormsBean leaf beetle.Bean Leaf Beetle
Aphids.AphidsStriped cucumber beetle.Cucumber BeetlesSquash vine borer.Squash Vine BorerSquash bug.Squash Bug
Flea beetle.Flea BeetlesEuropean corn borer.European Corn BorerCommon asparagus beetle.Asparagus BeetlesTomato hornworm.Tomato and Tobacco Hornworms
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