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Growth & Metamorphosis

Invertebrates develop in much different ways than we do. All arthropods molt during their growth phase, and most insects appear in three of four different forms over their lifetime. These articles cover growth and metamorphosis of insects and other arthropods.

Types of Insect Metamorphosis
The physical transformation of an insect from one stage of its life cycle to another is called metamorphosis. With regard to metamorphosis, entomologists divide insects into three groups – insects without metamorphosis, insects with gradual metamorphosis, and insects with complete metamorphosis.

How Insects Grow – The Molting Process
Insects grow in increments; in fact, all arthropods do. Each stage of growth ends with molting, the process of shedding and replacing the rigid exoskeleton. People often think molting is the simple act of an insect breaking out of its skin and leaving it behind. In truth, the molting process is a complex one involving hormones, proteins, and...

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