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Insect Evolution

There is an entire system of insect classification based on their evolutionary history. Since insects impact the entire food chain, the fossil record of insects tells us much about other life on Earth as well. Even today, insects continue to evolve. This topic offers articles on evolution throughout history, and how insects are changing today.

Insect Fossils
How do scientists learn about ancient insects without fossilized bones to study? They examine the abundant evidence found in the different types of insect fossils.

Timeline of Fossil Insects by Order
Which insects appeared on Earth first, and which evolved last? This article outlines when each insect order, extant or extinct, first appeared in the fossil record.

Giant Insects - Why Prehistoric Insects Were So Big
Giant insects lived in prehistoric times, but today's insects are considerably smaller. Why didn't giant insects survive to the modern age?

What Is the Largest Insect That Ever Lived?
You may know that giant insects flew and crawled through prehistoric swamps and forests. But do you know which is the largest insect that ever lived?

The Biggest Bugs That Ever Lived
Giant bugs once roamed the Earth. Which were the biggest bugs that ever lived? These giant arthropods, known from the fossil record, are the stuff of science fiction movies.

5 Reasons Bugs Are Cooler Than Dinosaurs
Do you think dinosaurs are cool? Insects beat dinosaurs any day. Here are 5 reasons bugs are cooler than dinosaurs.

Evolution 101: The Big Issues
Why would one insect lineage lead to millions of species and the other to only 400? Maybe it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Why Most Animals Are Insects
Insects comprise 75% of all animal species that scientists have named and described, and most of these insects have wings. The key to insect success is their ability to survive on land and take to the air.

The Oldest Fossil Insect in the World
A specimen that has been sitting in the London Natural History Museum's collection for over 60 years was confirmed as being the world's oldest fossil insect.

Trilobites, Subphylum Trilobita

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