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Tools for Collecting and Studying Insects

Even an amateur entomologist needs a few tools to investigate insects up close. Learn what equipment you need, how to use it, and even how to make your own insect collecting tools.

Twelve Must Have Tools for Studying Live Insects
Insects are everywhere, but without the proper tools to collect and observe them, you may never find them. These must have tools are easy to use and most can be made with household materials. Fill your entomology toolbox with the right nets and traps to explore insect diversity in your own backyard.

Make a Pitfall Trap
A pitfall trap is an essential tool for catching and studying ground-dwelling insects, particularly springtails and ground beetles. You can build and set up a simple pitfall trap in less than half an hour, using recycled materials.

How to Build Your Own Mercury Vapor Light Setup

Using a Black Light to Collect Insects at Night
Entomologists use black lights to attract and collect night-flying insects, like moths. Learn the two methods for using black light to collect insects.

Make Your Own Black Light Sheet for Collecting Insects
Can't afford a commercial black light setup for collecting moths and other night flying insects? You can make your own, using a sheet, a rope, and a light.

Sugaring for Moths
Sugaring for moths is an effective way to collect moth specimens for a preservation or photography. Learn how to make and apply your own sugar bait to attract moths.

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