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Stinging Rose Caterpillar

Family Limacodidae


Stinging Rose Caterpillar (Parasa indetermina)

Stinging Rose Caterpillar (Parasa indetermina)

Flickr user danteclaus (CC license)

About this Caterpillar:

The stinging rose caterpillar does just that – it stings. The color may vary from yellow to red with this caterpillar. Look for the unique pinstripes to identify it – four dark stripes along the back, with cream-colored stripes between them.

Where It's Found:

In barrens and scrubby coastland areas, stretching from Illinois to New York, and south to Texas and Florida.

What It Eats:

A good variety of woody plants. Including dogwood, maple, oak, cherry, apple, poplar, and hickory.


Slug Caterpillars (Family Limacodidae)


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