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Nason's Slug

Family Limacodidae


Nason's Slug (Natada nasoni)

Nason's Slug (Natada nasoni)

Lacy L. Hyche, Auburn University, Bugwood.org

About this Caterpillar:

Nason's slugs don't sport the biggest spines in the stinging caterpillar world, but it can still pack a mild punch. These small spines retract, but if the Nason's slug feels threatened, it can quickly extend the poisonous barbs. If you look at the caterpillar head-on, you'll notice its body is a trapezoidal shape (not obvious in this photo).

Where It's Found:

Forests from Florida to Mississippi, north to Missouri and New York.

What It Eats:

Hornbeam, oak, chestnut, beech, hickory, and some other trees.


Slug Caterpillars (Family Limacodidae)


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