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Hag Moth Caterpillar

Family Limacodidae


Hag Moth Caterpillar (Phobetron pithecium)

Hag Moth Caterpillar (Phobetron pithecium)

Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series, Bugwood.org

About this Caterpillar:

The stinging hag moth caterpillar is sometimes called the monkey slug, which seems a suitable name when you see what it looks like. It's hard to believe this is even a caterpillar, quite frankly. The monkey slug can be identified instantly by its furry-looking "arms," which sometimes fall off. But beware – this cuddly caterpillar is really covered in tiny stinging setae.

Where It's Found:

Fields and forests, from Florida to Arkansas, and north to Quebec and Maine.

What It Eats:

Apple, cherry, persimmon, walnut, chestnut, hickory, oak, willow, birch, and other woody trees and shrubs.


Slug Caterpillars (Family Limacodidae)


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