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20 Insect Horror Movies You Can Stream on Netflix

Creepy Crawly Fear Flicks to Watch Right Now


Is there anything better than a really campy horror movie featuring mutant insects intent on destroying mankind? Some insect fear films are truly scary, while others are downright silly. If you use Netflix, you can enjoy some of the best and worst movies this genre has to offer right now. They're guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Here are 20 insect horror movies you can stream on Netflix.

1. Highly Dangerous (1950)(NR)

© Two Cities Films

What's not to like about Highly Dangerous? It's got Cold War drama, international espionage, and a female entomologist who must go behind enemy lines to save the world! When British intelligence learns a foreign government is breeding insects as carriers of a deadly bacteria, they send entomologist Frances Gray (played by Margaret Lockwood) to track down the bugs.

2. Them! (1954)(NR)

© Warner Bros. Pictures

Released in 1954, Them! preyed on the fears of Americans living in the Atomic Age. Atomic bomb testing in the desert produces an unexpected result - giant, mutant ants that prey on people. Scientists race to find a way to stop the ants before they exterminate humankind. It's a science fiction classic that can't be missed. Edmund Gwenn, best known for his role as Santa Claus in the classic Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street, plays one of the scientists.

3. The Fly (1958)(NR)

© 20th Century Fox

Vincent Price, the King of Low Budget Horror Movies, stars in the original version of the classic sci fi film The Fly. A scientist invents a machine to transport matter, and decides to test it on himself. But when a fly gets inside the machine with him, his experiment takes a scary turn.

4. The Wasp Woman (1959)(NR)

© The Film Group

In The Wasp Woman, the owner of a cosmetics company turns to science to revive her failing business. But Janice Starlin breaks the first rule of surviving in a science fiction movie – never agree to be the test subject for a scientist's new magic potion. When she's injected with a youth serum derived from queen wasp venom, Starlin develops a bit of a bad temper, to put it mildly.

5. Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)(NR)

This one gets my thumbs up for two reasons: the "greed is man's undoing" moral, and the classic 1960's Japanese special effects. In this Mothra sequel, a developer messes with Mother Nature to create more land for his high end condos. In his quest for more wealth, he unwittingly unleashes Godzilla on Tokyo. Only Mothra can save us now.

6. Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)(R)

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

What is happening to men in Peckham, California? There seems to be an epidemic of men dying in the throes of passion. Government agent Neil Agar soon suspects that a bee experiment gone wrong has turned women into lethal queen bees.

7. The Food of the Gods (1976)(PG)

© American International Pictures

The Food of the Gods falls into my favorite science fiction subcategory - giant, angry animal movies. A group of friends retreat to a remote island, only to wind up in a fight for their lives. Their hunting trip turns into an all out battle with giant wasps, chickens, and rats, all intent on eating them. Based on a book by famed science fiction author H.G. Wells, best known for his book The War of the Worlds.

8. Empire of the Ants (1977)(PG)

© American International Pictures

How can you not like a horror film with mutant ants and Joan Collins! Collins plays a villainous developer who peddles island real estate to people looking to live in paradise. She and her clients soon learn the island is anything but paradise. A radioactive spill has turned the island's ants into giant, bloodthirsty pests.  Another science fiction classic from the master, H.G. Wells.

9. The Swarm (1978)(PG)

© Warner Bros. Pictures

The trailer for The Swarm terrified me when I was a kid. I didn't even see the movie then, but I was convinced the killer bees were coming to get us. The plot, after all, isn't that implausible – swarms of Africanized bees make their way to the U.S. from South America, and threaten the residents of Texas towns. Someone has to stop them! This sci fi thriller got a lot of buzz, thanks to a cast heavy with A-listers: Michael Caine, Patty Duke, Richard Chamberlain, Henry Fonda, and Fred MacMurray.

10. The Fly (1986)(R)

© 20th Century Fox

Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis star in this remake of the 1958 classic. Goldblum plays scientist Seth Brundle, who is in the final stages of testing his teleportation machine. His love interest, reporter Veronica Quaife, is horrified when a fly gets into the machine with him, and Brundle slowly transforms into a half man, half fly monster.

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