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20 Insect Horror Movies You Can Stream on Netflix

Creepy Crawly Fear Flicks to Watch Right Now


11. The Fly 2 (1989)(R)

© 20th Century Fox

This sequel to The Fly could have been titled Son of the Fly. Seth Brundle's son, Martin, inherits his father's fly-man hybrid genes. Seth's boss adopts the orphaned Martin, but with evil intent – he hopes to enlist the younger Brundle's help in fixing the teleporter. Martin and his girlfriend Beth (played by Daphne Zuniga, later of Melrose Place fame) race to find a cure for his Dipteran condition.

12. Mimic (1997)(R)

© Dimension Films

How about Mira Sorvino as an entomologist? In The Mimic, entomologist Dr. Susan Tyler must find a way to stop virus-laden cockroaches from killing children in New York City. She creates a genetically-engineered insect to kill the cockroaches. And yes, it's another science experiment gone wrong. The insects evolve into giant, subway-infesting monsters that can mimic other species, including humans. Josh Brolin and Charles S. Dutton also star in The Mimic.

13. Bugged (1997)(PG-13)

Bugged is beyond campy, it's downright silly. Consider the plotline. An exterminating company unknowingly uses a mixture of a pesticide and a genetic agent when treating a home for crickets. Rather than killing the pests, the chemical cocktail causes a DNA mutation in the insects. The giant, vicious bugs - with ears and teeth - run amok, and hilarity and horror ensue. If you like low budget science fiction, this movie's for you.

14. Arachnid (2001)(R)

© Lions Gate Films

Arachnid is 3 kinds of movies rolled into one: alien spacecraft flick, survivors of a plane crash stuck on a remote island story, and giant spider horror film. A pilot somehow flies his plane into an alien spacecraft, and both plane and spacecraft wind up hitting a desolate island. A team of rescuers searches for the missing pilot, only to crash themselves. And of course, they spend the rest of the movie fleeing from and trying to defeat a gigantic spider with an attitude, that's determined to eat them.

15. Mimic 2: Hardshell (2001)(R)

They're ba-ack! The giant cockroaches from Mimic 2 are still infesting New York City. Teacher Remi Panos and her students must find a way to flee their school, but the roaches threaten them at every turn. Their escape is complicated by the fact that the cockroaches can mimic humans.

16. Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001)(R)

Spiders 2 opens with a boating accident, and Jason and Alex stranded at sea. Lucky for them, a scientist rescues them, taking them aboard his floating laboratory. But all is not as it seems. The couple stumbles on a storage freezer packed with dead bodies, and discovers the scientist is using them to breed giant spiders! Will Jason and Alex be next?

17. The Screwfly Solution (2006)(TV-MA)

© Starz

The Screwfly Solution isn't actually a movie, it's an episode of the Masters of Horror series (Showtime) that showcases the work of director Joe Dante (known best for The Howling). Jason Priestley and Elliot Gould play scientists trying to solve a mystery: American men have turned into sex-crazed killers! I have to warn you, The Screwfly Solution contains both sex and violence, with some gruesome scenes. And you'll have to watch it yourself to find out where the screwflies come in.

18. Black Swarm (2007)(NR)

© Hallmark Entertainment
Policewoman Jane Kozik moves back to her hometown of Black Stone, NY, only to learn the town is now plagued by deadly, mutant wasps. She enlists the help of entomologist Katherine Randell and exterminator Devin Hall to snuff out the swarm before they kill everyone. If you like bad movies, this one's a contender. It's almost universally panned by online reviewers.

19. In the Spider's Web (2007)(NR)

This made-for-tv horror flick takes place in the jungles of India, where a group of friends is on a backpacking trip. When Geraldine is bitten by a venomous spider, they learn there just happens to be an American doctor living with a tribe in the jungle who can help her. But things take a turn when they suspect the doctor is up to no good. Corpses? Hungry spiders? Rituals? You'll need a big bag of popcorn to follow this one.

20. The Hive (2008)

© RHI Entertainment
The Hive originally aired on the Syfy Channel. Tom Wopat (of Dukes of Hazzard fame) stars in this thriller in which man-eating ants take over an island. The Thorax Team (really?) is called into action to stop the ants, but they soon realize something is controlling the ants.
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