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Debbie Hadley

Debbie Hadley

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Our Guide to Insects, Debbie Hadley, is a naturalist, freelance writer, and photographer. Through her workshops, she advises schools and homeowners on creating insect-friendly landscapes.


Debbie has spent 20 years as a naturalist and teacher, sharing her passion for wildlife with others. A member of the Monarch Teacher Network, she raises Monarchs in her own backyard butterfly tent. In 2004, she volunteered on an Earthwatch research project in the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, where she collected and recorded macroinvertebrates populations. Debbie is a volunteer Master Gardener and helps identify mystery caterpillars, beetles, and ticks (which are not insects!) at the county extension office. Debbie also created a Traveling Insect Zoo to share live insects with children at schools and libraries.

By Debbie Hadley:

I'm excited to share my passion for insects with you. As an avid gardener and naturalist, I've learned the important role insects play in an ecosystem. The interaction between insects and plants fascinates me. Through this website, my goal is to provide information about insects and how each insect species fits into the web of life.

When I'm not feeding caterpillars or searching for springtails in my compost bin, I'm usually leading a hike or visiting a classroom to teach children about insects and other wildlife through my business, WILD Jersey.

Please note: I do not identify insects via email. Due to the high volume of email I receive, I may not always reply with an answer to questions submitted by email. I do, however, write articles in response to questions I receive from readers. If you have a suggestion for an article you'd like to read, or a question you would like answered, please do feel free to submit them by email.

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