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Fruit Fly Problem? Try a Homemade Vinegar Trap

By September 21, 2009

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Fruit flies can be a real problem in the fall. It seems the more tomatoes I bring in from my garden, the more fruit flies I've got buzzing around my kitchen. Fruit flies are attracted to ripe fruits and vegetables, especially those with splits or cracks. Once they're in the kitchen, they won't leave until you give them a reason to go.

Have a fruit fly problem? Try making a simple vinegar trap.

Have a fruit fly problem? Try making a simple vinegar trap.
Photo Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey

The first step to ridding your home of fruit flies is to eliminate places where they can breed. That means cleaning the sink trap, taking out the recycling and garbage, and scrubbing out your refuse cans. Compost or dispose of any fruit that won't be eaten.

You'll probably still find some persistent fruit flies buzzing around, waiting for you to throw a wine bottle or beer can in the recycling. Now's the time to trap them. You can make a simple fruit fly trap with just a few items you probably have around.

Put a few ounces of apple cider vinegar in a jar. Then roll up a piece of paper to make a cone. Sit the paper funnel in the jar's opening. Leave the trap near the area where fruit flies are overnight. The fruit flies will fly down the cone into the jar of vinegar. Then you can dispose of them the next day. If you don't have cider vinegar, you can also use a ripe piece of fruit. Banana slices work well.

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