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Debbie Hadley

Bug Bombs Send Neighbors Flying

By August 27, 2009

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Well, clearly the people who live at 1103 Lehman St. in Lebanon, PA have never read my blog. If they had, they would have known that using 6 bug bombs in one room is overkill. They would have remembered to turn off the pilot light on their stove before setting off those bug bombs. And they would have warned their neighbors in the 3-unit apartment building to GET THE HECK OUT!

But no, these do-it-yourself exterminators didn't read my blog, nor did they read the directions on the room defoggers they purchased. And so, like many, many others before them, they learned the hard way what happens when you fill a small room with a flammable gas, and fail to extinguish the pilot light on your stove. BOOM!

Unfortunately, people got hurt thanks to their negligence. Two neighbors were literally blown off a second floor balcony when the explosion occurred. They were rushed to the hospital for treatment. Two firefighters who responded to the incident inhaled toxic fumes and required oxygen at the scene.

This is no longer funny, folks. I'm pleading with you. Stop misusing bug bombs. Read the directions and more importantly, follow them. Use only the number of bug bombs specified on the label. Turn off your pilot lights, and unplug your appliances. Warn your neighbors if you live in an apartment building - the pesticides can drift through common ducts. Get everyone out of the structure. Then and only then should you set off the defogger.

Source: Bug Bombs Behind Blast, Lebanon Daily News, 8/27/09

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