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Debbie Hadley

World's Scariest Insects?

By July 20, 2008

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Nicole Kidman recently revealed her greatest fear - butterflies. It seems Kidman experienced a serious Lepidopteran trauma in her childhood. On school days, she would arrive home to find a threatening butterfly perched on her gate, preventing her from entering the yard. The Oscar winner harbors a serious phobia, which she once tried (and failed) to overcome by walking through the butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

Nicole Kidman
Getty Images/Stephen Lovekin

Fear of butterflies is, to say the least, an unusual phobia. Since you are probably not prone to blood-curdling screams at the sight of these flying flowers, you might be interested in learning a thing or two about them. My newest article, The Six Butterfly Families, describes the major groups of butterflies and provides some advice on how to start identifying the butterflies you see.

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December 5, 2008 at 5:34 pm
(1) Sukhmandir Kaur says:

I can almost understand this. As a child she probably had very good close up vision coupled with an active imagination.
I was afraid of all kinds of creepies as a kid, black crickets and cicadas, tomato worms all really bugged me. My sister used to catch and chase with them. She however was afraid of spiders, so I got my revenge :) by not being afraid of spiders hahaha…
Unlike Kidman I out grew feeling discomfort around insects although I’ve got to say, not only were they at one time worms with dozens of feet, butterflies have those really big wings, slinky bodies, creepy long legs with sticky little feet, feeler antennae, and probing roll up tongues, and beady little eyes {{shudder}}

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